Two-and-a-half year out of date bovril has been spotted on the shelves of Asda, Bexleyheath. 

Amit Patel, from Belvedere, took a snap of the chicken-flavoured salty meat extract, which the Bexleyheath Broadway store priced at £2, yesterday (August 27).

The expiry date on the jar said April 2012.

He said: "I was doing my weekly shop in there and was looking for beef bovril.

"I'd never seen chicken bovril before and the packaging was quite dusty, so it caught my eye.

"I thought: 'let's have a look at the date' and I was quite flabbergasted with what I saw.

"As a big supermarket you'd expect them to have some sort of protocol in place.

"I've got young kids and it could make them really ill."

An Asda spokesperson said: "We have stringent procedures in all our stores to make sure out of date products don’t hang around on the shelves. 

"We apologise to the customer for this isolated incident and have refreshed our daily checking process in our Bexleyheath store."