It was all hands on deck when Greenwich Market designers that Leila, a tall ship entered in next month’s regatta, was making her triumphant return to her home port without a ships stamp – a collector’s mark which officially commemorates a ship’s presence at the Tall Ship Festival.

Leila, built in 1892 by F Wilkinson of Charlton, had her moment of glory when she won the 1904 Round Britain race.

Years later in 2008 she was given a £180,000 restoration with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund and National Historic Ships Register after being found on the point of sinking in Great Yarmouth.

This year her voyage will include a crew of two autistic boys and a young girl with multiple issues – all of whom skipper David Beavan said are looking forward to returning her home to her home port.

However, after hearing Leila was returning home empty-handed, Greenwich Hospital commissioned Chris McAlees and David Millie of the Old Print Works of Greenwich Market to make a commemorative stamp to record the occasion.

Gillie Bexson, Head of Property at Greenwich Hospital said: “It is very apt that Greenwich Hospital, with its naval heritage, has helped make this home coming for Leila and her crew that extra bit special and hopefully it lead to more being known about her story.”

Copies of the Leila Stamp will be available to buy from the Old Print Works stall in Greenwich Market for £20. The design will also be used on commemorative badges which will be sold in the market for £1.25