A group of three under five’s had hearts melting in the summer heat on Saturday afternoon with their home-made lemonade stand in Brockley.

Two-year-old Finlay Buchan and his older brother Johann, aged four called their stall ‘The Brand New Lemonade Shop’ which attracted the attention of a thirsty Lewisham public.

Their 31-year-old father Joe jokingly said it was great seeing his kids getting on so well with business at such an early age.

The stay-at-home-dad said: “In all honesty I’m really proud that they came up with the idea and most importantly really enjoyed doing it.

“We watched them approach people in the street and really they were like little entrepreneurs.”

Mr Buchan said his children, who charged 40p a cup for their lemonade, had not had their own lemonade stand before but would like to try it again next summer.