A Gravesend drummer who was killed after being hit by a telegraph pole is set to be immortalised on an EP by his band, Designs of Chaos.

Christopher Crammond, aged 40, of The Drove Way, Istead Rise, was fatally injured in the accident which happened on June 26 at Kingsnorth Industrial Estate in Hoo.

Mr Crammond was a member of metal band Designs of Chaos for seven years.

Now the band look set to release a four-track record in memory of their beloved drummer.

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The band have not yet confirmed what the EP will be called but have told fans Mr Crammond's drumming will feature on three of the tracks - the fourth will be a tribute to the late musician.

Jay Shields, vocalist with Designs of Chaos said: "We had always planned to release an EP October-time with Chris but, sadly, he left before we had finished.

"The final track might not be a song as such but perhaps an instrumental, with sound bites of him speaking and maybe some spoken word.

"It is all in the pipe-line at the moment but it will be dedicated to him."

Describing Mr Crammond, who had performed with Designs of Chaos of seven years Mr Shields added: "People are always described as doing anything for anyone but Chis genuinely would.

"He was the literally the nicest guy - I lived with him for a while and he was always giving me lifts but would never take any money for them so I had to find ways of repaying him secretly.

"Everyone called him the gentle giant because that's exactly what he was."

News Shopper:

A statement released on the band's Facebook page said: "After seven years of pure dedication to the cause Chris has left the biggest hole in our hearts.

"He never missed a rehearsal, he cancelled his plans to play gigs and was not only our bandmate but a spiritual brother.

"We're doing all we can to keep his memory alive and one of those things is finishing our EP, which he worked so hard on.

"Unfortunately we had planned to do four tracks, but he was taken from us before he got the chance to do the final track.

"Therefore we're going to be releasing the three tracks he worked on, as well as a special tribute track just for him."

The EP, which does not yet have a release date, will be dedicated to Mr Crammond, his wife, Natalie and the couple's families.

The band have also told fans that they will strive to carry on making music in Mr Crammond's memory - advertising auditions for a drummer.

The band said: "It's been a tough couple of months make no mistake and we're all still coming to terms with all that's happened.

"We sat down last week and decided that we owe it to the big man, and ourselves to keep fighting the fight and keep DoC going.

"Therefore we need to start the ball rolling with auditions for a drummer."

If anyone is interested in auditioning for Designs of Chaos visit their Facebook page: facebook.com/DesignsofChaos