A mother living in a "nightmare" block of flats in Mottingham claims problems range from sewage coming out of the toilet to parts of the building falling off.

Lajla Nyhus, 30, lives in Geffrey House, Mottingham Road - a Grade II listed building - with two-year-old son Taylor.

The full time mum has resided there for eight-and-a-half years - but cannot address its issues directly because of the building's protected status.

She says she has asked housing assocation, Affinity Sutton, to act a number of times, but they have failed to do so.

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Ms Nyhus' dad Steven shows News Shopper some of the building's issues

Excessive mold in the building makes Ms Nyhus and her son frequently ill, while she is also faced with a plethora of other problems. 

She said: "It's been a nightmare for just over two years. All the residents are really suffering.

"It affects me every day, especially in the winter, it really affects people then.

"The building has got green mould travelling up the wall - there's the spores and the constant drafts.

"Everyone gets constant coughs and colds, my son got about five chest infections last year."

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Bushra Shariff points out the mold in her flat

She added: "Then there's sewage coming up out of the toilet, the pavement outside is breaking up. Parts of the building are actually falling off.

"There's nothing you can do about it so you speak to people at Affinity Sutton and they just don't seem to do anything.

"They get in people to do something and they just botch it."

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Ms Nyhus also claims Affinity Sutton said they would move her and her son out of the property two months ago, but failed to do so.

Her father Steven Nyhus, 63, has set up a petition protesting the state of the block. Mr Nyhus says, of 26 flats, all bar two have signed the petition.

He said: "I set up the petition within the last week. I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't think it was a serious situation."

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Steven Nyhus holds what was once part of the building

An Affinity Sutton spokeswoman said: "We are aware there are some issues with the property and advised the tenant some time ago that we will move her to alternative accommodation so that we can undertake works there.  

"However, the tenant is only prepared to move to specific areas, where we have a small number of properties, and so we have advised that this will take some time as we dependent on a property becoming available.  

"Obviously if she widened the areas she would consider it would improve her chances of moving more quickly."