Erith and Thamesmead MP Teresa Pearce has spoken out about the fact Bexley is the worst London borough for under-paid jobs and called it a "scandal".

A third of all jobs in the borough were considered under-paid (paying less than £8.80 per hour) last year according to research by think-tank New Policy Institute.

Ms Pearce told News Shopper too many people end up having to rely on benefits to survive despite being in work.

She said: “People who work for a living should be paid a living wage.

“It’s not right that the tax payer is subsidising the staffing bill of large profit making companies, there are many people in my constituency who work hard all week but have to rely on tax credits and housing benefit to make ends meet.

“Working yet still living in poverty is a national scandal.

"For the first time, the majority of people in poverty in the UK are now in working households."