A woman from Welling has been left too scared to enter Danson Park after her dog was attacked by an Alsation.

Suzanne Downer, aged 61, was walking rescue dog, Bruiser, in Danson Park on August 19 when it was attacked whilst the other dog's owner looked-on.

Mrs Downer was looking after her 27-year-old daughter Sophie Downer's Labrador-staffie cross, Bruiser whilst, she was away on holiday.

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She said: "I looked up and saw a big Alsation with shaggy, long, dark hair running towards us - he wasn't on a lead and I couldn't see an owner.

"It came at us and the dog had bruisers neck between his jaws - it was shaking him and Bruiser was screaming.

"The owners of the dog came over and just stood there - one was an older man and the other was a teenage boy who had his headphones on - I shouted to them, 'your dog is attacking my dog, are you going to do something.'

"He pulled him off him and walked off, he wasn't apologetic, he didn't day anything."

Rescue dog, Bruiser, who was rehomed by Sophie after she saw him run over in Elephant and Castle four years ago, was left badly injured by this recent attack, suffering cuts to his jaw and neck.

Mrs Downer added: "Sophie called him Bruiser because he was all battered and bruised when she found him.

"He was left there in the park bleeding - it could have been me attacked, it could have been a child.

"I'm too frightened to take him out on my own again and he's so nervous - he's always been scared of other dogs but now he's very frightened."