An Orpington couple are on a mission to help people shed unwanted pounds - but the fat-fighting duo have very different approaches.

Lia Shrubshall, 27, a consultant at Orpington Slimming World, helps people lose weight through healthy eating, while husband Thomas, 29, a surgical care practitioner at BMI Chelsfield Park, has a more direct approach.

The couple and their eight-month-old son James have lived in Highfield Avenue, Green Street Green, for five years.

Lia said: "We had James in December and after I joined Slimming World.

"I saw a picture of me holding James and instead of feeling happy all I could see was how large my arm looked while holding him and how frumpy I looked. 

"I had to get the weight off somehow. 

"At Slimming World the idea is to help people lose weight through eating real foods. No processed food eating - completely real food - pastas and currys.

"Now I weigh less than before I was pregnant. I'm absolutely over the moon.

"I've decided to become a consultant at Slimming World to help others who may be feeling the way I was."

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Meanwhile Thomas is the newly appointed theatre manager at BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital, having been deputy manager for four years.

And bariatric - weight loss - surgery is one of the biggest specialities performed at the hospital. 

The types of procedures offered at Chelsfield Park range from gastric band, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy to gastric balloon insertions and gastric plications.

Thomas said: "I am extremely proud of the team I have in theatres. They have worked tirelessly to create a world renowned centre of excellence.

"I love my job and the people I work with. It's a great environment to work in - it can be very hard work, but I wouldn't change it for anything else.

"The bariatric service has built up over a short period of time and is something we take great pride in. 

"It's a great feeling to be a part of something which is going to change someone's life for the better."

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Lia added: "For me and my husband, it's all about helping people."

Lia Shrubshall will be holding a Slimming World group from September 1 at All Saints Church Hall, Bark Hart Road, Orpington. 

Call 07929081425 for details.