Let’s Be Cops follows a pair of roommates living in Los Angeles who’ve just hit 30 and are coming to terms with the fact they still haven’t ‘made it’ in the City of Angels.

Before they lope back to that bit of America between LA and New York with their tales between their legs, a miraculous thing happens.

For some reason Ryan, played by New Girl’s Jake Johnson, has him and best buddy Justin dress up as police officers for a college reunion masked ball.

Not for the first or last time they end up looking like complete tools but subsequently - and this will be news to pretty much any cop working in the States right now - it makes them cool.

Cue the pair fighting off kisses from hen partiers, stealing joints from stoners on the street and Damon Wayans Jr’s Justin finally catching the attention of his love interest, played by Nina Dobrev.

They then get themselves embroiled in a completely ridiculous real life criminal investigation into some cartoonish gangsters, of whom Andy Garcia somehow manages to convey menace while parodying himself.  

Laughs are few and far between but Johnson is decent, playing exactly the same likeable loser with a heart of gold as he does in New Girl.   

If you like jokes about waterboarding, crystal meth and genital herpes then go and see it.

Let’s Be Cops is out tomorrow (August 27)