Chislehurst UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson has added more fire to racist claims by accusing supporters Vince and Fa Munday of seeking ‘five minutes of fame’.

The UKIP supporters were left infuriated by the comments made by Atkinson on Facebook and comes after the MEP referred to Mr Munday’s wife as “a ting tong from somewhere” in a BBC interview earlier this week.

In the Facebook message she confirms seeing Mr Munday’s statement and suggests his account may have been hacked before saying ‘Let him have his 5 mins of fame’.

In another statement made by Mr Munday on the social networking site, he says: “This is Janice Atkinson’s opinion of why I’m angry about her racist comments about my wife, apparently it’s for 5 minutes of fame.

“How wonderful of her boss Nigel Farage to come all the way from London to apologise to appease my need for attention! Really? How arrogant can this woman be, does it sound like she’s sorry? No of course not.”

However, party leader Nigel Farage has said Mrs Atkinson will not face formal sanctions for her comments.