Thirty-six Kent Police staff have had their knuckles wrapped for Facebook gaffes - including making "inappropriate contact" with victims of crime and making "derogatory comments and using offensive language" online.

The data from a freedom of information request reveals 55 employees were investigated for social media breaches over the last five years.

The Professional Standards Department found there were 36 "cases to answer" and two staff members ended up resigning, one of whom was a member of a Facebook group which posts discriminatory comments.

Most of the breaches were committed on Facebook with many of them relating to slagging off colleagues, the force itself, or making inappropriate contact with victims and suspected criminals. 

One constable also posted a photo from an incident he attended on the social networking site.

Detective Chief Inspector Eddie Fox from Kent Police's Professional Standards Department said: "Kent Police expects a high standard of professionalism from its officers and staff, on and off duty.

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"This includes behaviour online, and the force produces guidance for officers and staff on how to use social media safely and appropriately. 

"Any complaints around inappropriate use of social media are thoroughly investigated by our Professional Standards Department. 

"In two instances during this time an employee chose to resign from Kent Police. 

"The other 34 individuals were dealt with by way of a written warning, or with the officers or staff concerned given advice by management."

The data showed Kent Police investigated the third highest reported number of suspected social media breaches across England and Wales. 

The data was compiled by the Press Association and showed a total of 828 cases were reported to police bosses. 

Some of Kent Police's social media gaffes

•    A constable posted a photo on Facebook of an incident he had attended - management action was taken.

•    A PCSO made derogatory comments and used offensive language on Facebook. He was given a final written warning.

•    A constable resigned after it was discovered he was a member of a Facebook group which posts discriminatory comments.

•    Another constable underwent management action after it emerged they were friends on Facebook with a "person known to police".

•    Five constables were reprimanded for making comments about colleagues on Facebook. 

•    An officer used Facebook to make "inappropriate contact" with a victim of crime.

•    An inspector, seven constables and a member of staff posted inappropriate comments on Facebook.

•    A constable made comments about Kent Police and colleagues on Facebook.

•    A staff member resigned after tweeting force information to an open forum whilst off duty

•    A constable allegedly ‘friended’ an alleged victim of crime on Facebook

•    Twelve constables posted inappropriate comments on Facebook

•    A sergeant remains under investigation for allegedly posting inappropriate comments on Kent Police Federation's Facebook.

•    A constable is also being investigated for allegedly making derogatory remarks containing offensive language on Facebook.