A charter was signed on Thursday (August 21) to combat crime and anti-social behaviour at town centres across Bexley.

The information sharing agreement was signed by Chief Inspector Nicola Duffy and Bexley Town Safe manager Crissie Gonzalez at Bexley Police Station in Arnsberg Way.

The contract will see police sharing knowledge about incidents and offenders with the Bexley Town Safe members to help shops and businesses protect themselves against crime. 

In return Bexley Town Safe members will feed back information to officers, who can use this information to identify suspects, plan where local patrols will take place and tackle criminal issues.

Chf Insp Nicola Duffy, who leads the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams in Bexley, said: "This partnership is beneficial for everyone in Bexley. 

"The only people that will lose out with this arrangement are criminals and that has to be a good thing for Bexley."

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