A Lewisham family found a stray kitten in their back garden with its head stuck in a table.
A vet from the Lewisham branch of animal trust Celia Hammond was sent to help the distressed kitten stuck in Lee.

The kitten was then sedated so the wood could be broken to release its little head. 
An investigation has been launched to search for the remainder of the fluffy family as no one has claimed the kitty. A stray mother and several siblings were spotted in the surrounding area. 
The worry is that cats left unneutered continue to have litters. Manager of rescue and re-homing at Celia Hammond, Lesley Mills, said: "If we don’t find the rest of the family, we could end up with 50 to 60 cats."
The rescued kitten has no injuries but is a little cranky. The search for its family continues.

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