Protesters from Stop the War Lewisham boycotted a high street bank on Saturday.

In a YouTube video posted by the group, more than 15 radicals holding ‘freedom for Palestine’ and ‘stop the siege’ signs entered the bank and handed out flyers to customers.

The group, who refused to leave the bank, have claimed they targeted Barclays at the weekend because they have a history of supporting the arms trade in Palestine.

A spokesperson from Stop the War Lewisham said: “Children are dying because of the trade Barclays are supporting. All we want is peace for Palestine.”

In a statement, Barclays have said: “Allegations that Barclays is an investor in the defence industry are simply untrue.

“These allegations may stem from our historic ownership of a business formerly called BGI (Barclays Global Investors), an asset manager which did have significant investment positions in defence companies.

“Barclays sold this company in 2009, and has no on-going interest, financial or otherwise, in BGI.”

The group were told to leave the building by police and then continued their protest outside the branch.

Click below to watch the full video.