Staff at Biggin Hill's Foal Farm had a sleepover with the animals, exchanging warm beds for wooden floors, straw and furry friends.

The event was to raise money for the dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals living at the Jail Lane animal sanctuary.

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Jamie Cove hangs out with Angus and Dougal

Foal Farm's manager Debra Taylor said: "It was a little team building exercise here at Foal that had unbelievable results. 

"We decided to get sponsors and the one who got the most would get a day off as a prize.

"It was a great night as you will see from the pictures."

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Kevin Pearson chilling with Kitten the kitten

She added: "We all got to see what it was like from the animals point of view, everyone was shattered the next day but it was worth every minute and we raised an amazing £4,289 all for the animals.

"We didn't expect that."

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Neil Williams sleeps with a pigeon