Any pub that serves a dozen ales on tap and all for under three quid each deserves praise.

Similarly, a pub that eschews loud music and lets light in rather than allowing punters to wallow in dingy darkness should be recognised.

Over the years readers will have gotten fairly used to PubSpy giving both barrels to chain pubs, and for good reason, but it’s only fair to tip your hat to a chain when it’s doing well.

On the whole, I’ve been impressed with Wetherspoons for a little while; their beer is fresh, the variety is plentiful and these days they are usually clean and welcoming.

I know that landlords struggle to compete with Spoons’ low prices, but there are other factors involved in that debate which we don’t want to mull over here, so it’s unfair to slate the guys giving the good value.

The New Cross Turnpike in Welling is a shining example of a good Spoons.

The dozen ales on the bar are on rotation and range from the likes of Westerham, Hop Stuff, Ringwood and Ruddles breweries – all of them under £2.50 a pint.

It really does put so many pubs to shame.

The fridges are packed with even more variety too, meaning you can’t fail to get a great drink and have plenty of change.

It’s not just the choice of what to sup on that impresses, the menu is vast with some really appetising options which, again, don’t break the bank.

No one is going to pretend that Welling High Street is the happiest place to hang out but entering the New Cross Turnpike is uplifting.

With large windows and a skylight, it actually seems brighter on the inside than the dingy greyness and traffic outside.

There’s a spacious atrium, tonnes and tonnes of seating and a fetching split level thing going on.

Service was quick and pleasant enough, if a tad rough around the edges, and the only trouble I had was finding a seat because it was so busy with a wide variety of clientele.

The New Cross Turnpike, Bellegrove Road, Welling

How it rated:

Decor *** Clean, big and airy

Atmosphere *** Lots of friendly diners

Staff ** Not bad

Food *** Huge variety, decent quality

Drink ***** I challenge you to find a better range

Price ***** Faultless