Following news a group of bogus builders have been sentenced for harassing an elderly Lewisham man out of £94,000, investigating officer Detective Inspector Rob Fisher’s top tips could give you a helping hand in spotting a rogue trader a mile off.

Here are his top tips:

1. "Never agree to have building work carried out by a stranger who approaches you. If you think you need work done at your home, find a reputable builder for yourself. Politely but firmly decline any offers you receive from callers claiming to be tradesmen. Never let them into your home. If they won't go away, call police on 999."

2. "If you have already had work carried out by a builder who you are not sure is legitimate, make sure that their work has been done properly. Rogue traders are normally not trained and don't carry out work properly, so they may have left your house in an unsafe condition."

3. "If you think you are the victim of a rogue trader, call police on 101 or, if the crime is in action, call 999."

4. "If you are the friend, relative or neighbour of someone vulnerable who has accepted building work from a door-to-door tradesman, encourage them to check that the traders are legitimate. If possible, sit in when they are visited by the traders and check their legitimacy yourself."

Rogue builders conned Lewisham man out of life savings