It was a Fantastic Day for 80s pop star Nick Heyward on Saturday when he performed at 80s retro Rewind Festival.

The former frontman of Haircut One Hundred was proud to be able to perform his hit songs to the 40,000 strong crowd at Henley-on- Thames with his 25-year-old son Oliver.

Beckenham-born Nick told News Shopper: “It was really good. My son was on stage with me today.

He was on keyboards and the computer, making sure everything was going OK, and he did a bit of beatboxing.

“He performed with me on Vintage TV, and I said to him 'this feels good, why don't you come on at Rewind?' He said 'Oh dad, I'm not sure about that', and I saw his Facebook and he was like 'Oh dear', but it was great. My daughter Kate is now asking if she can join us next year!”

Nick first burst onto the pop scene in 1981 when Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) made it to number 4 in the UK charts, followed swiftly by Love Plus One, Fantastic Day and Nobody's Fool in 1982.

He was just 20 when Love Plus One became a hit on the USA billboard charts. He said: “I was 20 when Love Plus One came out. I remember having my 20th birthday in America and Love Plus One was in the top ten.”

Nick eventually left Haircut One Hundred in 1983 to pursue a solo career with Creation Records until about 1998, during which he had hits several UK hits including Whistle Down The Wind and Blue Hat for a Blue Day.

He has since continued working on collaborations with different artists, and has also enjoyed being part of the Rewind Festival twice.

He said: “Rewind's great. It's the second time I've performed here. The 80s resurgence is growing because I think we are realising what a brilliant decade it was.

“I mean, we were down on it initially. Everybody from the 80s was just desperate to get rid of it. I remember being there myself and then gradually you start to go, oh wow, the music was amazing, the production was amazing, the culture was amazing, just being in the 80s was amazing.

“There was youth culture happening all the time. There was the new romantic thing, there was an electronic thing, and right at the end, it was still all going on. S-Xpress came out, there was a dance thing, there was raving. Indie music was also born in the 80s and is still going strong.”

For Nick, the song that sums up the 80s vibe is The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News, featured in the film Back to the Future.

“In hindsight you can't beat Huey Lewis' The Power of Love. It seemed to sum up the 80s, the film, that sums up that magic and enchantment.”

Nick's Rewind connection does not stop here as he will be performing again at Rewind North in Cheshire on August 30. He is also working on a new album, ably assisted again by his son Oliver.

He also has hopes of one day reuniting all six members of Haircut One Hundred to perform again. A recent reunion at the IndigoO2 saw four of the six back together.

“It was great but it was only the four, it wasn't the full six,” he said. “I keep wanting the six and I don't know why, but the six just doesn't happen. Hopefully it will.”

Courtesy of Newsdesk Online.