A woman has described a shocking attack by a "killing machine" bull terrier while walking her dog in a Beckenham park.

Pauline Rogers said her schnauzer, Rocky, was set on by the animal after it appeared to slip its lead and get away from its owner on Sunday (Aug 17).

Ms Rogers, 56, from Shirley, said she had been walking her two pets in Croydon Road Recreation Ground at around 10.30am.

She said Rocky, just 18 months old, was left with a gaping wound in his back and added she also required hospital treatment after trying to intervene.

She told News Shopper: "I clocked them (dog and owner) but thought it would be okay – they were going in the other direction.

"But out of the corner of my eye I saw the dog coming, it must’ve slipped its lead.

"I’ve never seen anything like it, he was a killing machine. Before I could react he had Rocky and locked on.

"Rocky was screaming. The owner got him off eventually but it seemed like forever."

News Shopper:

Ms Rogers said the owner ended up having to lie on top of his dog and calling for another couple, who refused to get involved, to pass him the lead.

Eventually he managed to pry the bull terrier away but before Ms Rogers could talk to him he made off down nearby Cedars Road.

Ms Rogers, who had popped over to her sisters in Eden Park Avenue for breakfast and often uses the recreation ground, said the bull terrier also left her with a cut wrist.

She visited the Beckenham Beacon hospital afterwards where it was patched up, while Rocky was taken to a veterinary surgery and has been left "severely distressed".

She continued: "He seemed okay at first but he deteriorated quickly and I thought at one point I might lose him.

"He’s in a lot of pain."

News Shopper:

Daughter Sam Rogers, 26, a PCSO in the borough but not on duty that day, said she received a call from her mum and rushed to the scene.

She said: "My mum was very distressed. This is clearly a very dangerous dog and it shouldn’t be in the park.

"I think it’s done it before. I’ve heard of other incidents with a matching description of the bull terrier."

Bromley police reported: "Police received a call from a woman on Sunday, August 17, stating that whilst in Beckenham Recreation Ground, Croydon Road, earlier that day, a dog slipped its lead and attacked her dogs, before the owner came to restrain it."