One of the main roads into Hextable has been turned into a stream by water erupting from a burst pipe.

Residents and councillors are concerned about the state of College Road, where residents have noticed water running down it for as long as seven weeks while the problem waits to be fixed.

Pockets of water are now a constant along the edges of the road, regardless of whether there has been recent rain.

When it does pour the centre of the road is also inundated with water running from the direction of Leydenhatch Lane towards the centre of Hextable, exacerbating existing potholes.

Sevenoaks District Councillor for Hextable, Coun Dee Morris, told News Shopper: "The water is running right down the road and erupting at the edges of it.

"We have got a stream going down the road. Even when it’s not raining the water is still running.

"I think Thames Water have got problems in quite a few areas so I realise they are under pressure and they are busy but it has been more than a month and the residents of College Road are concerned.

"We just need a whole new drainage system put in but that is not likely to happen."

A College Road resident, who did not want to be named, said: "It’s very frustrating for a lot of people.

"We have got some elderly residents and if they were to slip because of the water they could do some real damage.

"It should have been sorted ages ago. If you leave the water running they don’t like it but when something like this happens it can take forever to repair."

A Thames Water spokesman said: "We’re sorry we’ve not been able to fix the leaking pipe sooner.

"We get more than 200 leaks reported to us every day across our 20,000 mile network so have to prioritise and tackle them in order of severity.

"Someone will be there to take a look at it this week."