This chocolate coloured Jack Russell called Cocoa is a proper sweetie.

The nine-year-old was nominated for Pet of the Day by owner Shanice Murphy.

Her likes are ice-cream, treats, playing fetch with a ball, sleeping, getting brushed and being massaged.

Her few dislikes are vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops and door bells. She barks at them.

Does your pet have a talent? She loves playing with balloons and hits them in the air with her head. She also gets in her bed and uses her head to cover herself with the blanket.

What makes your pet so special? She's a lovely little dog with so much energy and is very loyal. She knows when someone's upset and will try and reach your face to lick you. She's been unwell recently but still is a very bubbly dog with so much love to give. She's part of the family and has been since a puppy.

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