According to official figues – there has never been a better time to appeal a parking fine.

According to the 2014 Annual Report of the parking ombudsman, Parking on Private Land (POPLA), 25,000 appeals have been heard this year - half of which have been successful.

Here are News Shopper’s top tips when it comes to appealing that fine:

  • Check how to appeal - it will be on the paperwork. Some involve a second, independent process such as POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals) or the IAS (Independent Appeals Service) but all tickets can be appealed to the Ombudsman despite what individual parking companies claim.
  •  Take a picture of the signs. All of these charges are based on the details of the signs, whether they can be seen, and whether the offer on the signs is binding.
  •  Research the internet. There are many useful sites out there like Martin Lewis's or the more specialised, LegalBeagles or NoToMob
  •  Do not ignore. Parking companies like drivers that ignore their claims - they get a large proportion of court wins on a 'default win' basis.
  • Respect the parking on offer. There will be a reason for a parking restriction so it is simpler to read the signs. If the restrictions are unreasonable shop somewhere else or use the internet.