A Bexleyheath woman has taken part in ground-breaking breast cancer surgery.

Andrea Arney, aged 59, of Stream Way was first diagnosed with cancer in her left breast 10 years ago and had a mastectomy.

In July she was diagnosed with cancer in her right breast - on August 13 at Guys' Hospital she had surgery to remove the tumour, and became the second woman in the world to take part in this ground-breaking clinical trial.

Mrs Arney said: "I agreed to be part of the trial because it helps surgeons learn for the future.

"Breast cancer isn’t going to stop with me or with the girl who is diagnosed tomorrow, so you have to do what you can to help others."

The trial saw two imaging devices, developed by Lightpoint Medical, tested to see if they will help surgeons remove breast tumours and cancerous lymph nodes without unnecessarily cutting out healthy tissue.

Professor Arnie Purushotham, a surgeon and cancer researcher who is leading the study said: "We hope this is a major development in cancer surgery - we’re taking two steps forward, not just one."