Doctor Who once said bowties are cool – fashion advice which insanely cute kitten Belle seems to have taken onboard.

The beautiful feline, who is only 16 weeks old, was nominated for Pet of the Day by Adele Hindson from Bromley.

Belle, an exotic shorthair, likes playing with feathers, gazing out of the window, chicken and purring.

Her dislikes are “us using our mobile phones” and, very unusually for a cat, tuna.

Does your pet have a talent? Yes, being cute.

What makes your pet so special? Belle is so special to us because she has become one of the family, as well becoming best friends with Maisey (Syrian hamster), Benji and Barney (dwarf hamsters). She is so loving and caring and loves to curl up on your lap for a cuddle, that's when she is not purring at you to play with her.

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