What do you get your lover for your third anniversary (leather) that’s not a wallet or a belt?

That’s what the chirpy barmaid wanted to know from her regular customers at The Chelsfield when I popped in.

Apparently you should never buy a man shoes and a jacket’s too expensive...

“A waistcoat,” a husky-voiced drinker proffered. “It’s cheaper, there’s no f*****g sleeves’.

It was at that moment that my admiration for The Chelsfield and its people reached a high.

I had been impressed from the outset.

Its approach is imposing – a giant detached brick building with nicely-kept lawns and benches out front.

Inside is dazzling. It’s absolutely pristine, airy and bright with light flooding through the huge bay windows, even on a fairly miserable day.

For a moment, it felt more like a gentleman’s club with its high ceilings and wingback chairs.

Thankfully that feeling was quickly dissolved by the locals and their entertaining chatter about holidays, gifts and why someone was called ‘a***face’.

The Chelsfield’s obviously a social pub, with prominent boards advertising live music, quizzes and even make-your-own pizza nights.

Only one thing left a soured the experience a little – a lack of adventure on tap. The bar only served a handful of mass-produced fare and wasn’t particularly cheap at £3.75 for a Fosters.

It deserved better.

The Chelsfield, Windsor Drive, Chelsfield

How it rated:

Decor***** Impressive

Atmosphere**** Sociable

Staff**** Friendly

Drink** Poor range

Price** Not good considering the range