Each week I share my five thoughts of the week – the good, the bad and the ugly.

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1. Make this the week you do something you’ve wanted to do for a while, but somehow just haven’t found the time. I’ve been told just how beautiful Central Park in Dartford is for years, but never stepped through the gate. Take a look at my photo and decide for yourself. Stacks of people were enjoying the sunshine – I should have visited years ago. I might make a resolution to visit a park a week.

2. When did it become so ridiculously difficult to do something so simple as buy a tin of paint? Time was, you picked the colour, checked it was for wood or metal and hey presto. Try the paint shelves of B&Q now, you need to be a rocket scientist. And the more types of paint they have on offer, the higher the price seems to rise.

3. I’ve said it before, but it’s now worse than ever. The court system in this country wastes more money, more quickly and more consistently than anything else I can think of. And then this week I hear poor old barristers are struggling to make a living. You couldn’t make it up.

4. Anyone else started noticing how pretty hanging baskets are? Honestly, I thought I was getting old when I started watching Countryfile, now I know I’m close to the knackers yard.

5. To those people who wrote claiming police and crime commissioners are needed, you still haven’t answered my question – tell me one good thing any of them has achieved?

Thank you for reading.

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