Chislehurst’s past boxing industry star Kellie Maloney said she chose to reveal her new life because it would have come out eventually.

Kellie said other newspapers were threatening to ‘out her’ and so told her story to the Sunday Mirror last weekend (Aug 10).

The paper reported the former boxing promoter and manager has been receiving hormone treatment and is undergoing a sex change.

On ITV’s Good Morning Britain the 61-year-old explained “previously transgender people have been ridiculed in the press and I didn't want that to happen to me and I didn't want that to happen to others".

She said publishing the story has felt “like a complete release” and added: "I can do anything now.

"Because they know. I'm not living two lives anymore.”

Kellie has also hinted at returning to the boxing industry, taking up a role in the sport’s governing body.