A family in Orpington has had a playful exotic visitor in the back garden.

Alicia Davies said last month she and her daughter were startled to see a mystery bird arrive for an afternoon sojourn.

Ms Davies, 57, from Crofton Lane, said it was a welcome guest but is worried it is someone’s pet as it did not look comfortable “in the wild”. She told News Shopper: “It was very nice to see – really bright and colourful.

“We think it’s a lovebird but can’t be sure. It looks exotic. We think it could be a lovebird.

“It flew onto the feeder but struggled to get any of the seeds. I tried to grab it but it flew off towards Locksbottom.

“I think it’s someone’s pet.”

News Shopper:

Ms Davies’ daughter, Lizzie, 27, managed to take some photographs of the bird when it visited on July 14.

News Shopper:

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