Greenwich’s council leader wrote to Boris Johnson in support of the petition to re-zone Woolwich Arsenal station on Friday.

In the letter written by Councillor Denise Hyland she says the borough broadly supports the aims of the petition and its desire to reduce travel costs incurred by those travelling from Woolwich to central London.

However, the council is asking for the station to be made Zone 3/4, ensuriing people travelling between Plumstead, Abbey Wood and Woolwich are not subjected to higher costs.

Councillor Hyland also writes: "We feel sure that the fare box will not suffer as the number of passengers will increase given the expected rise in population and due to the number of homes being built here in our borough". 

The petition has since gained signatures from more than 700 supporters all urging the Mayor of London to move Woolwich Arsenal station from Zone 4 to Zone 3.

Petition creator Adam Clark, who spends just under an hour commuting to work at an independent book shop in Holland Park, said the recession has hit Woolwich hard.

The 37-year-old said: “When I tell people I live in Woolwich, there are often raised eyebrows. There is an assumption that Woolwich is ‘very far away’ or ‘not in London’. If Woolwich is to develop, this stigma needs to lift.”