A Dartford engineer is exhibiting his eclectic sculptures in a gallery in Mayfair and has just sold a piece for £10,000.

Dan Lane, 33, creates the industrial-themed art out of ceiling fans, typewriters and fruit bowls.

The Fleet Road resident’s work will be included in a showcase of 17 of the world’s best emerging artists at Castle Fine Arts gallery in Mayfair this month.

News Shopper:

He told News Shopper: “Things have gone a bit crazy over the last few months.  I only went public with my art at the end of March and now I'm exhibiting in the UK's best commercial gallery in Mayfair.  

“I’ve also just pre-sold one of my sculptures the other day to a Russian for £10,000.”

He has used his 15 years of engineering experience to make surreal sculptures out of bric-a-bric he picks up in fairs or things people donate.

News Shopper:

His work was first exhibited in the What if? Gallery in Dartford High Street last month after being spotted on Facebook.

The exhibition will open on Friday (AUG15). 

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