Friends and family have paid tribute to a loving dad-of-two who was tragically found hanging in an Eltham park yesterday morning.

Tony Rengert, 26, has been described a generous, protective dad and friend, but his family say he found it hard to cope after splitting from his long term partner.

Mum Wendy Rengert, 50, said: "He lost his partner, his children, his home, all in one day. You can't expect him to get over it."

His mum said the family had become concerned he was having a breakdown and had tried to get medical help but were told he was okay.

Flowers have been laid in Well Hall Pleasaunce where Mr Rengert  - who had an 18-month old son and four-year-old girl - was found by the London Ambulance Service at 8.43am on Monday (August 11).

Since then, the family have had around 60 people coming to visit them, paying their respects to a passionate Arsenal fan who had lived in Eltham all his life.

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His mum said: "He was a character. He could be firey but he was also comical, loving, protective.

"Everyone's devastated. Absolutely devastated. It's been non-stop with people coming here. One fell on his knees crying. He was so loved.

"So many people have said Eltham will never be the same without him."

She added: "He worked in demolition which was appropriate for Tony. He was like a bull in a china shop sometimes."

Sister Nicola Cousin, 29, said: "He's going to be dearly missed and he'll never be forgotten."

Mr Rengert had left his friends' house at 9.30pm on Sunday (August 10) when he was described as acting normally. Pals Sarah McNair, 41, and husband Jason, 41, were the last people to see him.

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Mrs McNair said: "We noticed nothing. He didn't seem out of character at all the last three days."

And she said when her husband suffered a heart attack in February, Mr Rengert had been a "true, true friend".

Mrs McNair said: "Tony took time off work, he helped with my two businesses, he helped with the children. He was an absolute star. I wouldn't have survived all that on my own if he wasn't there to help."

She added: "We all love him and we all miss him."

Anyone affected by issues around suicide can gain confidential advice and support by calling the Samaritans on 08457 909090 or by visiting