Near the top of the list of places that wouldn’t automatically spring to mind for a relaxing apres-work pint is The O2, unless you’re – I dunno - Pharrell or someone.

But there are occasions, pre or post-show for example, when a good pint is just what the doctor ordered. Though if the Dr is Feelgood then chances are he’ll tell you to have some cow juice too.

While Greenwich’s old Millennium Dome has just about every restaurant chain going – from Harvester to Nandos and beyond – there are slimmer pickings for drinkers.

Having chosen the recently opened All Bar One, it was hard not to be impressed by its immaculate decor.

Sure it doesn’t feel much like a pub but there is a variety of seating on three levels, everything is meticulously co-ordinated and the bar looks busy and overflowing with options.

On tap are reams of lagers (with a wall of wines stretched the length of the bar) but you can only assume the name All Bar One refers to the range of drinks because all of them bar one were exclusively not ale.

If you’re desperate for an old-fashioned ‘proper’ beer, they just about stretch to a bottle of Doombar. A bottle.

The menu is not huge but there is enough to keep the hungry interested, like the crab and lobster burger (£12).

Service was friendly and quick and the food tasty enough, albeit with a slightly past its best bun and a revolting mango coleslaw in a little pot.

It’s not disappointing, but at the same time, if you want a burger then why not go to one of the specialist burger places around the corner?

All Bar One is not a classic boozer you’ll want to wind down at after work, but it’s in keeping with the O2 ‘s shiny, chainy image and does a decent job.

All Bar One at the O2, Greenwich

How it rated:

Decor**** Very pretty (almost too pretty)

Atmosphere* More or less devoid

Staff**** Pleasant and efficient

Drink*** Huge range but lack of ale a let-down

Food*** OK

Price** It’s at the O2