Gravesham’s MP has said it is an “absolute miracle” no one has yet been killed at a junction where a car flipped over last night.

Adam Holloway was not far from where Darnley Road and Arthur Street meet in Gravesend when the crash happened at around 7.30pm.

He rushed to the aid of the 19-year-old female driver of a black Renault Clio which was thrown onto its roof by the force of the impact with a dark blue estate car.

Mr Holloway told News Shopper: “I was round the corner when I heard this massive bang and some screaming and then I saw the car on its roof so I went to help get the driver out of there.

“A pedestrian was knocked over by the car and thrown into a front garden so we were very lucky no one was killed last night.

“That junction is a danger to people driving particularly but to be honest it’s an absolute miracle no one has yet been killed there and it’s pedestrians who will die.”

News Shopper:

The driver was lucky not to have been struck by the Arthur Street sign (image by Adam Holloway). 

The crash happened in almost exactly the same spot where a toddler's buggy was crushed by a car in October last year, though amazingly he was unhurt. 

Mr Holloway was on the scene again that day and pressured Kent County Council to install metal bollards on the pavement to protect pedestrians.

But he says more needs to be done to make safe what he has called one of "the most dangerous square meters to walk through in Britain".

Mr Holloway said: “The bollards did make a difference and they probably saved the pedestrian at least.

“But the driver of the car was very lucky not to have been killed by the street sign.

“Crash barriers are just a symptom and the problem is there is something about that junction.

“I’m very keen that rather than mitigate the symptoms of it, which is which what we did last time, the geometry of that junction needs to be changed.”

News Shopper:

Image by Adam Holloway. 

The driver of the Clio was taken to Medway Maritime Hospital with a cut to her head and suffering from back and pelvic pain.

She was fully conscious and her injuries were not serious. 

It is thought she may have been heading in the direction of town when her car was hit by an oncoming vehicle as she went to turn right into Arthur Street.

Darnley Road was closed between Arthur Street and Trafalgar Road before being cleared and fully reopened by 11pm.

Fire crews also attended the scene.

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