A Sydenham nightspot infamous for tales of boozy behaviour including raucous punters romping in the road, fighting and urinating in gardens is appealing a decision to reduce its opening hours.

Zanzibar in Kirkdale had its closing time slashed from 5am to 2am earlier this year following a Lewisham Council licensing meeting which heard allegations of late night noise and lewd behaviour.

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Police reports allegedly linked to the club included fights involving up to 50 men, an assailant wielding a crutch, and sex acts committed in neighbours' gardens and even against one woman's front door.

But the venue, run by born again Christian John Wright, will appeal the decision in court next month and is continuing to promote nights like its "x-rated and raw" Summer Dream night and an event called Summer Konnexion inviting 800 ravers to "bring your whistle, horn & flag and rep your island".

A public meeting on August 14 is inviting neighbours to come along and talk about their positive or negative experiences of the club with licensing officers.

News Shopper:

The ward's Councillor Chris Best said: "Residents believe the Zanzibar business model of 5am licence in a residential area with limited car parking is never going work.  

"The previous business was Twilights that had a different audience of a more mature crowd that respected the local neighbours and did not run until 5am. 

"There were more cocktail evenings, hen parties and it had a local following rather than this business which attracts large crowds from across London.

"I believe a 2am licence is appropriate with experienced management to control the events - a more diverse age range is needed with community buy in for this venue to remain a valued space for the local community."

Club organisers have previously promised "dramatic solutions" to solve the problems.

The public meeting will be held at The Grove Centre, Jews Walk on August 14 from 7.30pm to 9pm.

- News Shopper is awaiting a response from Zanzibar.