You’re in Welling, where should you go and what should you see?

Our list is far from exhaustive. If there’s something you feel people MUST see then let us all know in the comments box below.

Supermarket wars

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A lot of people only shop in one supermarket. Others have to travel miles for a superstore. But not the people of Welling, oh no. A giant Tesco is opposite a big Morrisons on Bellegrove Road, with Lidl hidden just around the corner. Iceland’s just over yonder too.

Danson Park

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Quiet down, it’s in Welling. Bexley borough’s best park has all sorts of fun, including a lake where you can go boating and do watersports, and a cool pub, the Danson Stables. It’s a focal point for events like the sadly-defunct Danson Festival.


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Love cake but hate eggs? There’s a shop for that in Welling. Regardless of your opinion on eggs (unless you HAVE to have them in every meal, then your scuppered) Cake Box in Bellegrove Road is the place to go if you want  a gorgeous sweet treat for any occasion.

Listen to some music

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Cruising Records is a local institution. Not only has it been in Welling for decades, it is still the best record and DVD shop for miles and miles around. Cheap too.


News Shopper: John Hurley outside The Door Hinge in Welling High Street.

Opened last year, the Door Hinge in the High Street was greater London’s first micropub. It has just one room, plays no music and has a no mobile phone policy. It’s a crazy idea, but perhaps you should enjoy the beer and the company.