A Jesus figure spotted travelling though Petts Wood bearing a large cross says he plans to walk across all of Greater London spreading the word of God.

Atul Labale, 43, comes from Goa, India, and has been living in Forest Hill for the last four years.

He estimates his journey across London will take him at least three weeks. 

He started yesterday (August 6), travelling from Forest Hill to Catford, and today went from Catford to Petts Wood.

At the end of his pilgrimage he will pass through Westminster, finishing outside Buckingham Palace.

Mr Labale said: "I am doing this because God spoke to me to carry the cross for all the people in London.

"I hope this helps to bring peace and joy to all the families, to the government, to the authorities and councils."

He added: "It is tiring, my legs and shoulders get sore, but I am hoping my body will get used to it."