A man in Bromley said his daughter came into contact with asbestos that should have been dealt with sooner.

Scott Saunders, 37, an asbestos surveyor from Bloomfield Road, said she clipped some sheeting in Addison Road yesterday (Aug 5) and said he was shocked the “hazardous waste” had been left uncleared. 

He said he called Bromley Council straight away and added according to other residents the waste had been fly-tipped there over the weekend (Aug 2).

Mr Saunders said the council told him its resources are stretched and a team would dispose of it as soon as possible.

He said: “I was coming back from the park with my daughter.

“I reported it to the council but they said ‘it’s going to take a couple of days’.

“I’m frustrated by it – this is a dangerous material. Obviously it hasn’t been checked fully but I’m an surveyor and it looks like it is to me.

“It’s dangerous, and apparently it’s been sitting there for days. It shouldn’t be left.”

Executive councillor for the environment Colin Smith said yesterday: “This fly-tip has been inspected, confirmed as being asbestos, passed to our specialist asbestos removal contractor, and will be removed as soon as possible as all such waste is.”