It’s what every couple wants to know – the secret of a happy marriage – but it appears to very much depend on where you live.

Regular date nights are the key to keeping the flame burning with your husband or wife, according to the majority (51 per cent) of Londoners asked by researchers at

More than 2,500 married people from across the country were quizzed about their relationships and in the south east as a whole, the most important factor to keep a marriage going was revealed to be trust (58 per cent).

Here’s what the other regions thought were most important:

Wales – Regular sex (58 per cent)

North East – Having money spent on me (59 per cent)

North West – Regular time apart (36 per cent)

Yorkshire and the Humberside – Regular sex (47 per cent)

West Midlands – Mutual Interests (62 per cent)

East Midlands – Similar sense of humour (42 per cent)

East of England – Similar intelligence (48 per cent)

South West – Financial stability (43 per cent)

Scotland – Regular holidays/breaks together (40 per cent)

Northern Ireland – Similar life goals (33 per cent)

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