After spending all year telling their pupils not to do it, teachers are not averse to cheating as soon as school’s out for the holidays.

In the case of teachers, they’re not copying homework or sneaking notes into exams, but many of them are happy to cheat on their partners it seems.

The UK’s “leading affair website” is reporting hordes of teachers are logging on in search of a steamy six weeks away from the classroom.

The extramarital dating site has had an increase of 120 per cent in the number of teachers signing up in the first few weeks of the school holidays.

This is being attributed to how teachers and their partners who work in other professions struggle to sync their time off, leaving teachers alone for most of the summer and supposedly providing the perfect setting for a fling with an available lover.

Website spokesman Mike Taylor said: “Teachers are one of the most prevalent users of dating sites. It’s very difficult for teachers to meet new people – they’re unable to go out each night and mingle socially due to early mornings making meeting potential partners incredibly tough, so the Internet is a logical option.

“Also not wanting to get tied down during the holidays in a serious relationship leads to an influx in the number looking to cheat on their current partner whilst they have the opportunity.”

Last year a poll put teaching as one of the top five sexiest professions.

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