Kitchens are no longer just food preparations areas, they have become tech hubs – with gadgets every bit as important as cutlery and crockery.

The average UK kitchen is home to seven gadgets worth hundreds of pounds, a survey has found.

Long-standing kitchen staples such as the microwave and toaster are joined in the top 10 most desired gadgets by more modern inventions, including smoothie makers and juicers.

More than a quarter of British households own a steamer or a George Foreman grill.

More indulgent gadgets are rife too, with 1.6 million households owning an ice cream maker, 930,000 a popcorn machine and 46,000 a cupcake maker.

Home-cooked meals are still important to nearly a quarter of Britons, with 22 per cent of those surveyed happily preparing the dinner every night of the week.

The research also identified Jamie Oliver as the most inspirational chef, with the Essex presenter preferred over other television cooks such as Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsay.

A study of 2,000 people was carried out by Barclaycard's deals website, bespoke offers.

Which bit of kitchen tech could you not live without? What the most extravagant or expensive kitchen gadget you’ve ever bought? With all this tech about, is it still important people learn basic food prep skills? Add your comments below.