Neighbours described how people tried to help a Woolwich shopkeeper who was trapped under a car when it mounted a pavement on a "deadly road".
Emergency services were called to Hillreach at around 4pm yesterday (August 5) after a black Saab 95 estate collided with two men outside the Hill Reach General Store.

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One man, named locally as the shop's manager who customers knew as Ash, suffered head injuries and leg injuries and is in a critical condition in hospital. Another, aged 60, is also in hospital though his condition is not described as life-threatening.

Abdelrazek Gueblaoui, 39, was driving behind the Saab when he saw it hit the pavement "for no reason".

Mr Gueblaoui said: "I saw the car pulled to the left side and hit two people who were standing there.

"It was a little bit shocking."

He said: "The two people were on the floor. I think they were standing there but the car hit one person and they were thrown on the floor."

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Mr Gueblaoui went on: "The driver I heard screaming. She was screaming and shouting really loud and crying. She was running all over the road in shock."

Neighbouring newsagent Kemal Altundal was working when he heard "a big noise" from outside his shop.

He said: "I came out and then I saw two old couples were screaming and then I've seen a car was on the pavement. I called 999 and asked for ambulance and police.

"I went further down and I saw he's lying on the left side of the car and his leg was injured. Three minutes later the police came.

"I think the old couples were lucky the car just missed them."

According to neighbours the Saab driver had two children in her vehicle and the second victim was a local worker who had bought food from the chicken shop next-door.

Neighbour George Epstein described how he gave first aid to one of the victims, joined by a cab driver and a worker from the local garage.

He said: "I came down the hill and I saw some chaps running round a car, running in the street. The car was stationary and on the pavement.

"I saw a chap laying in the road and another chap was on the phone screaming and crying. I thought, this guy's just been knocked down so I parked up and jumped out the car, ran down the road and thought I'd assist.

"I didn't know at this point there was another guy trapped underneath the car."

Mr Epstein said the less seriously injured man was "bleeding heavily" so he put him in the recovery position and made sure his airways were clear.

He said: "The guy was conscious and breathing and very lucid. A taxi driver was there as well, helping. Gradually he was coming round and trying to move."

The 43-year-old said he could see the other man was seriously injured and he held a sheet up to stop members of the public seeing what was happening.

He said: "I realised I recognised the guy. It was the guy who runs the shop. I know he likes to stand outside the shop and smoke a cigarette. He must have been doing that at the time."

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There is no indication how fast the Saab was travelling but people said today it was high time Hillreach was given speed cameras, with one describing it as a "deadly road" and claimed there had been a number of fatal accidents over the years, leading to petitions for safety improvements.

Mr Epstein said: "They need speed cameras on this hill. They've got warning signs but people buzz down this hill too fast."

Workman Jack Domi pointed out around six missing bollards along the pavement where the accident happened.

He said: "They need bollards here. If you're really going fast, fast they're not going to stop you but they will protect people a bit.

"You also need a speed camera at the top. It's very dangerous if you don't put them here."

The Saab driver, a 56-year-old woman, stopped at the scene. She was not arrested.

After the accident, the area was cordoned off as far down as Littleheath.

Detectives from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Catford Traffic Garage are carrying out enquiries in to the circumstances of the collision, and are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information.

Anyone that can help should call police on 020 8285 1574.

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