Winter may seem a long way away but Gravesham Council is already planning insulation programmes to help prevent fuel poverty.

Staff have been working in partnership with Avalon Sustainable Energy Solutions to ensure homes become more energy efficient.

The council has already installed various energy saving measures in both private and social housing including cavity wall insulation at Gravesham and Homemead Court in Parrock Street funded by British Gas. 

The insulation programme was carried out by method of abseiling, which not only reduces the overall cost of the installation but also prevents the need for scaffolding.  

Councillor Susan Howes said: "Our aim is to provide residents improved energy efficiency in their homes that will help them save on energy bills, make their homes warmer and also contribute to improving the environment.  

"Gravesham and Homemead Court were built in the 1970s with narrow cavity walls, insulation technology was not as advanced as it is now so these improvements mean that the homes are more energy efficient."