A woman in Orpington is offering a £2,000 for her missing parrot - twice the sum she offered a year ago today after it flew out of the window.

Precious, a Blue-fronted Amazon, has been lost since last Saturday (July 26).

This time round he slipped under two sets of net cutains on foot.

On August 5 last year News Shopper reported Precious' first escape, which moved owner Jan Thomas, of Crescent Way in Orpington, to offer a £1,000 reward.

Now she's doubled her price and is desperate to see her pet, which she's had for 22 years, returned safely. 

She said: "He went about eight days ago - he is my child. 

"I've had him for 22 years and I want him back. I really miss him. He's a good boy.

"He flew out of the bathroom window once but I got him back."

Precious knows his own name and can say a few phrases, such as 'he's a good boy'. 

He has a blue patch under his bill, green feathers on his tail, and orange speckles. 

Get in touch if you spot him flapping around: newsroom@london.newsquest.co.uk