A Bexleyheath retail worker will jet off to America to be reunited with nine of her siblings.

Bebe Nelson, aged 58, who works as a sales assistant at Bhs in Broadway Shopping centre will spend 16 weeks visiting her six brothers and three sisters who she hasn't seen since 2012.

Mrs Nelson totted up 25 years of service to the company in June meaning she qualifies for a four-month paid sabbatical.

She said: ""It’s a very big family and, apart from myself and my older sister Fatima who both live in England, everyone else is in America, so that’s where I decided to use the time off to visit."

The mother-of-two who was born in Guyana, South America will also set-sail on a luxury cruise around the Caribbean with one of her brothers, Hossein - paid for using $1 million he won on a scratch card last year.

Mrs Nelson will travel to New York to spend time with sisters, Baby and Rita and brothers, Wajid, Sham and Eddie, who will travel from Pennsylvania before jetting off to Florida to meet her eldest brother, Salim and youngest brother, Hossein.

She added: "That’s going to be something really special but I’m very much looking forward to all my time in the States and seeing all my brothers and sisters again."