Plans to see the Bakerloo line extended to Bromley and beyond has divided residents. 

Boris Johnson's report, launched last week, suggests the line could continue down through New Cross, Lewisham, Catford, and Beckenham Junction, before dividing to travel onto Bromley and Hayes.

If the proposal goes ahead it is expected to be in place by 2040, with the potential for Hayes to get up to 15 trains per hour and Beckenham six.

News Shopper talked to some residents across the borough to find out what they think about the extension.


Admin assistant Janet Green, 54, from Pickhurst Lane, Hayes, said: "I think it’s a good idea. I would probably use it to get into London.

"It’s a difficult commute – I think it’d help that. I go up to London to go shopping and to the theatre and it’d be another option."

Retired banker Andrew Mackay, 55, from Farnborough, told News Shopper: "I commuted from Beckenham for over 10 years and I think the bottom line is we need more services – this would be a good investment.

"I like trains but lines are overcrowded and some are too slow. The roads are full. There are too many people. Anything to ease congestion is positive, it’s a no brainer."

Graphic designer Gary Cordery, 46, who lives close to Shortlands train station, said: "I think it’s a good thing.

"North London gets all the best transport links. It would be nice to have services improved here."

Luke Tetlow and Harry Harding, both 11, are set to start Hayes Secondary School in September and will be 37 by 2040.

Luke said: "We’ll probably be working in London – I think it would be a positive thing.

"It would be a nice way to get to work. It would make the trains less busy."

Harry added: "I think it would be worth the money. The Tube is very direct."

Carol Coleman, a nurse at the Princess Royal University Hospital who lives in Eden Park, said: "The Tube extension would be great for the local area. South London has had poor transport links for far too long.

"But the plans are a long way off so I’ll believe it when I see it!"


Former firefighter Colin Hathaway, 53, of New Beckenham, remarked: "There are overground trains that do the job.

"I don’t think this is a good idea at all – I wouldn’t use it. I think the money would be better spent in other ways.

"Why not expand the trams and get them to Bromley?"

Chef Joe Webb, 44, from Beckenham Junction, added: "I commute to London everyday and I cycle. It’s the quickest way.

"The trains are unreliable and the Tube is the same. It’s all overcrowded. If I go into London to go out I get the train, how would the Tube improve that?

"I don’t see how it can be justified considering the money."

Receptionist Stella Shand lives in Bexleyheath but works in Hayes and said: "I don’t think I would use the Tube.

"The overground is okay as it is. How long would the Tube take? Would it even be any quicker?"

Financial reporting manager Allan Robbins, from Hayes, simply said: "Hope this doesn’t happen - will be a nightmare."


The project comes alongside a number of plans to the capital, which is forecasted to be home to 11 million people by 2050.

The mayor says a 70 per cent increase in public transport is needed as more people arrive, warning that forecasts show the current network "will become increasingly crowded and that more spending will be needed".

The plan is now open for consultation until October 31.