Pubs very often end up looking naff when they are given a makeover with chandeliers and lots of leather and tables that look like they’re out of interior design catalogues.

Equally, pubs that have lots of signed football shirts on the walls are often the kind of place you imagine not even Dante dared write about at the bottom of the inferno.

It’s bizarre then that The Fox Inn in Keston has both of these usually damning features but manages to be an appealing place to spend an afternoon.

Sitting opposite the common in Keston, The Fox is light and airy and really tastefully decorated.

They skirted so close to major pitfalls but did so with such subtlety and dedication that what’s left is a pub that feels fresh but not sterile. The pretty terrace out the back is worth a visit too.

I appreciate this may not be everyone’s idea of a great boozer; some people don’t want to be able to get a fine looking latte from their local, but you can get one here.

While you can get myriad coffees, your choice of ales is restricted to two on tap. It’s just a little over average price as well, at £3.85.

The young staff were helpful and professional and service for a delicious lunchtime snack was lightning.

The Fox Inn, Heathfield Road, Keston

How it rated:

Decor ***** A nice place to be

Atmosphere *** Happy families

Staff ***** Pro

Food **** Great lunches

Drink *** An acceptable selection

Price *** About right