Police have issued a stark warning to Bexley motorcycle riders to keep their vehicles safe.

Since the beginning of May, Bexley police have received 33 reports of stolen motorcycles and mopeds - valued at around £52,000.

It is believed that criminals are cutting bike chains, forcing and breaking steering locks and wheeling them away - in some cases thieves are loading bikes in to another vehicle.

Officers are offering advice, urging residents to: Report all suspicious activity to 101 and call 999 if you witness suspects approaching driveways or vehicles.

Vehicle owners are also being urged to lock motorcycles and mopeds in a garage if possible or chain them up in the corner of a driveway close to house and block it in with a vehicle if possible.

Acting sergeant Chris Molnar: "It is important that we advise residents of the latest crime trends so that we can work in partnership to stop crime and to identify offenders."