Watch this raunchy video of a glamour girl from Lewisham being named the winner of a Miss Soho Sex Kitten contest.

You might imagine entertainment was rather prim and proper 54 years ago, but this British Pathe clip proves that wasn’t the case.

The swinging 60s may have only just started when it was filmed, but there was still plenty of flesh on display during this beauty competition.

Beryl Greene, from Lewisham, is seen appearing in front of judges along with her fellow competitors before being announced as Miss Sex Kitten 1960.

One lady, named only as Sadi, is seen being waved off by the judges after emerging in an old-fashioned swimming costume, cap and glasses, but she leaves them grinning after stripping off to reveal she is wearing a bikini underneath.

Somewhat politically incorrect when judged by today's standards, this video is part of the superb British Pathe archive which has more than 80,000 videos of filmed history.

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