Adopting a convincing southern American accent for a major US TV series would be intimidating for some, but not if you’ve studied in Sidcup.

Kent-born actor Sam Palladio, 27, stars opposite Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere in the Golden Globe-nominated ABC musical drama Nashville.

Sam, who plays Gunnar Scott, said he learnt about accents in south east London.

He said: “I did my training at Rose Bruford College in Sidcup.

“It was a three year acting degree, we had accent workshops each week so I’ve always loved accents and enjoyed finding the details in them, picking them apart, listening and observing.

“The show has largely an American cast and crew so I can practice all day and it's fun.”

Having grown up in Devon, Sam moved to Nashville for the show – which has been picked up for a third season due to air in America in September.

He said: “It's a fantastic place to live.

“I've felt really welcomed here from the music community, just the southern hospitality is fantastic.

“It’s good to be the odd one out in a sense because it makes you a little different, it makes you stand out and gives you an interesting story.”

He added: “We’re a really close cast.

“Myself and Chris Carmack, who plays Will, have become great buddies and are always fooling around on set.

“It’s a great group of people and a lot of us write music and perform together.”

Sam features on all four Nashville soundtracks, including the latest one, Nashville Season 2: Volume 2.

He also sings on the track Without You with Clare Bowen on Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute To Motley Crue, which is out August 18 and also features covers by the likes of LeAnn Rimes, Rascal Flatts and The Mavericks.

Earlier this year the Nashville cast took to the road for a US mini tour. UK fans hoping for similar here may have a bit of a wait however.

 Sam said: “I would think it would really be next summer if we were to get out there and do it properly. I’d love to do it because there seems to be a real appetite for it.”

Sam also said he wouldn't say no to performing at next year's C2C country music festival at the London O2 in Greenwich.