This hasn’t been a good year for poor Cassie – but today’s Pet of the Day is still the “happiest” dog.

Two-year-old King Charles cavalier Cassie was nominated by Natalie Kelly from Brockley.

Cassie likes belly rubs, tennis balls, peanut butter and feathers, but dislikes planes, cats and hi-vis jackets.

Does your pet have a talent? Eating and balancing on hind legs.

What makes your pet so special? Earlier this year Cassie was in an accident while playing with another dog. Her eye completely popped out of its socket and it was likely that Cassie would lose her sight and have to have the eye removed completely.

However, Cassie focused on her rehabilitation the same way she focuses on the tennis ball and even though she no longer has sight in the one eye, they did manage to save it and keep it in.

Despite numerous trips to the vets, lots of eye drops and weeks of wearing a big collar around her head her tail never stopped wagging, her enthusiasm unfazed and her fetching skills unaffected! She is just the happiest dog!

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